Critical Research by Dr. Muse Leads to New Opportunities for PCA Students

By: Webmaster|Date: Jan 8, 2020|Tags: School News, Secondary

A paper co-authored by Dr. Wilson Muse, PCA Secondary Science Teacher, has recently been published in the Journal of Forensic Identification (Journal of Forensic Identification 69 (4), 2019 \ 487). The paper described research Dr. Muse and his team completed at Madonna University that was financed by a National Institutes of Justice Grant. The results of this research detail methods to detect and enhance fingerprint impressions made in a variety of biological fluids and deposited on a variety of surfaces. According to the paper, the implications for policy and practice are very important. “Given the problems associated with methods currently used for the enhancement and preservation of blood and proteinaceous impression evidence, the potential benefits of this research carry broad implications for criminal justice at all levels, from local to international. This project produced novel Fluorogenic Enhancement Sprays that provide simple, time and cost-effective, non-toxic methods for detecting, enhancing, and preserving proteinaceous impression evidence. This project expanded the methods available for the recovery of impression evidence that is safe for use at crime scenes and provides opportunities for subsequent DNA recovery at the laboratory.”

Some of the technology developed in this work will be applied in the new forensic science course that Dr. Muse is piloting this winter term at PCA. This new course will investigate the scientific techniques commonly applied in crime scene investigations. According to Dr. Muse, students will use the technique of polymerase chain reaction (PCR) to amplify DNA, chromatography to analyze ink samples, microscopy to analyze fiber and hair data, and alternate light sources to detect bodily fluid evidence. Students will explore how various forms of data can be integrated into a plausible case.

You can view Dr. Muse’s article and download the research PDF at the following link:

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