Congratulations to 2016-2017 Class Officers

By: Webmaster|Date: May 19, 2016|Tags: School News

Class of 2017 Officers

  • President – Adam Albert
  • Vice President – Taylor Mistele, Matthew Cusumano
  • Secretary – Olivia Mady
  • Treasurer – Aliyah Pries
  • Chaplains – Hannah Smith, Andrew Fernandes
  • Student Council – Jayne Harju, Kennedy Horne, Natalie Kral, Jessie Paulson,
  • Josh DeVries, Ben Fuller, Ian Hay, Brendan Hess

Class of 2018 Officers

  • President – Jayme Fadden
  • Vice President – Robin Albert, Connor Smith
  • Secretary – Caitlyn Mitchell
  • Treasurer – Andrew Myers
  • Chaplains – Gracie Fanelli, Seth Windle
  • Student Council – Hadlee Chubb, Allie Kwang, Katie Spada,
  • Alex Schreck, Phillip Morby, Chiren Moore

Class of 2019 Officers

  • President – Norbie Fernandez
  • Vice President – Keith Brown, Taylor Maxwell
  • Secretary – Joy Chamberlain
  • Treasurer – Caleb Godin
  • Chaplains – Aaron Vicars, Sarah Fernandes
  • Student Council – Matt Pierce, Elise Miera

As their time comes to a close, we are very grateful for all the work done by the Class of 2016 Officers & Sponsors!

Class of 2016 Officers

  • President – Luke Yakuber
  • Vice President – Will Crecilius
  • Secretary – Paige Perkey
  • Treasurer – Jake Shook
  • Chaplain – Gareth Matson
  • Student Council – Austin Greuber, Joshua Slater, Andrew Kwang, Paige Perkey, Kelly Abraham,
  • Brittany Breton, Aaron Wolak, Paul Chamberlain

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