Buoyant Force, Hydrodynamics, Density…Middle School Science

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You may have missed the fact that this past Friday, the PCA middle school students took a field trip to Lifetime Fitness in Canton. In tow, they had cardboard boats made out of duct tape and bubble wrap. Working in teams, these students had designed and built their boats over the past few weeks. On Friday, February 27, they would put their designs to the test in the pool at Lifetime. There were three awards on the line; the Supersonic Award (fastest), the Michelangelo Award (most creative/engineering design), and the Titanic Award (grandest sinking). In addition to the boat designs, students got creative with their tee-shirts and hair as they proudly proclaimed their team membership. Parents, teachers, and classmates surrounded the pool and cheered the boats and students on to victory. We are pretty sure this must be one of the most creative and fun ways to learn about buoyant force, hydrodynamics, the waterproof nature of duct tape, and the density of students in comparison with water.

Congratulations to the award-winning teams!

Supersonic Award (fastest)
Fire Meets Water. 27.91 seconds
Macy, Rebekah, Jessica







Michelangelo Award (most creative/engineering design)
Caroline, Sarah





Titanic Award (grandest sinking)
We Shall Not Sink
Zen, Hayden, DJ, Marcos






Please enjoy the following video created by Deb Hope, PCA Middle School Science Teacher:

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