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Art Parents Return to PCA

By: Webmaster|Date: Sep 27, 2017|Tags: Arts, School News


A few weeks ago, Ryan Batson-PCA Elementary Principal, Tina Kincer-Elementary Art Teacher, Peggy Paulson-PCA Advancement, and Kimberly Burns-PCA parent, attended the Plymouth Community Arts Council (PCAC) Volunteer Breakfast. This event was open to all community members interested in learning how to bring together the resources of the PCAC and local schools. After learning more about the PCAC, we consider it a privilege to partner together to enhance the education of Plymouth Christian students.

Following the breakfast, Kimberly Burns agreed to be PCA’s Art Parent for kindergarten and 1st-grade classes. The Art Parent has the job of picking up art “portfolios” at the arts council, located at 774. N. Sheldon Road, and presenting them to the class. Today, Mrs. Burns visited Miss Hart’s class and tomorrow she will visit Miss Romisch’s class.

Miss Hart’s class interacted and learned about Vincent Van Gogh and “Camille and the Sunflower.” They were able to view six Van Gogh paintings and Mrs. Burns read a grade-level appropriate book about Van Gogh’s life that she had borrowed from the Plymouth Community Arts Council. This classroom art enrichment ended with the students creating their own sunflower pictures. We believe that this enrichment, in addition to the amazing work done in Mrs. Kincer’s art classes, provides a great foundation for our students.

According to Mrs. Burns, “This was a lot of fun.” It’s an easy service to provide with the great resources of the Plymouth Arts Council available for you. PCA is still in need of Art Parents for grades 2nd-6th. The time commitment for this role can be once a month to just a few times during the school year. Interested in providing this enrichment for our elementary students? Please contact Ryan Batson at for more information. If you’d like to learn more about the Plymouth Community Arts Council, you can visit their website HERE.

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