Blooming at PCA

By: Webmaster|Date: Sep 14, 2018|Tags: School News


We have welcomed the new school year in many different ways this month, but one of the most special ways has been with the PCA sunflower garden. Students and families of all ages have enjoyed visiting and taking pictures by this cheerful garden.

We’ve received many questions about this garden, with the most frequent one being, “where is this located?”
The sunflower garden was cultivated and planted this summer by PCA alumnus dad, Dan Paulson, in a garden just to the east of the varsity soccer field. We are inviting teachers, students, families, and friends to visit and take photos before the beautiful blooms fade.

In addition to the cheer the blooms provide, they are also a fabulous way that Plymouth Christian is supporting the bee and bird population in our area. The garden is literally buzzing with bumble bees that are busy at work getting nectar and pollen from the blooms. By planting the sunflower garden, we are also attracting several different types of birds, ranging from Cardinals, Chickadees, House finches, Nuthatches, and Goldfinches. Once the first frost occurs, the flowers will provide their seeds to feed the wildlife population throughout the winter.

Please take moment the next time you are on the campus to walk over and enjoy the beautiful garden. Special thanks to Melissa Cantrell, PCA Parent, for taking this beautiful photo of the garden in the evening!

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