An Encouraging Word

By: Webmaster|Date: Mar 21, 2015|Tags: School News


What kind of person will your child be 15 years from now? Will he or she be hard working, responsible, caring, family- oriented, honest and God fearing? If our goal is for our children to exhibit all of these character traits and love the things of God, we must develop a purposeful life plan for them.

Our purposeful life plan could include the following:

    1. Be successful in school and be an active participant.
    2. Find a Godly mate – as parents, start praying for the mate God has planned for your son or daughter. We need to be prayer warriors now!
    3. Know the God-given talents the Lord has given your children and help them develop them. Then your children will be prepared for whatever job God has for them.
    4. Give them Godly character training so they can use that character to be trustworthy, successful, Godly law-abiding citizens.
    5. Educate them in a place where God’s Word is taught as truth. With Godly training from home, church and the school, your children will be trained to stand for Christ, know the truth of God’s Word and be able to impact their world for our Lord and Savior.

A life plan for our children is a must! We must start now.
I am praying for you,
Mrs. Huntsman

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