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By: Webmaster|Date: Nov 14, 2015|Tags: School News

Do we have a spiritual life plan for our children? What would be the most important elements that should be in a spiritual life plan? Let’s look at a few ideas that others have used to make sure their children have a personal relationship with the Lord and walk with Him for the rest of their lives:

1. Train our children to read God’s Word every day before they start their day. Model reading God’s Word to them.
2. If we desire for our children to go to heaven when they die, we need to make sure our children understand that:

  • All of us have sinned. Romans 3:23
  • That the payment for our sin is eternal separation from God. Romans 6:23
  • But God loved us and sent His son to die on a cross and then rise again after three days. If we believe Christ did this and ask forgiveness for our sins, we can have eternal life. Christ’s act of love allowed us to have eternal life. John 3:16, Romans 10:13

3. If we as parents desire for our children to know God, we must have a personal relationship with God. It is not enough to know about Him. We must have a personal relationship with God asking Him to forgive our sins and ask Him to be the Boss of our lives. Only then can we truly train our children about how to have a relationship with God, the Divine Creator who made our children!

As parents, let’s really consider our relationship with God today! If we haven’t committed our lives personally to Him, we cannot truly train our own children. Don’t delay! Prayerfully consider this today!

I am praying for you,
Mrs. Huntsman

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