High School Robotics…advancing in complexity and skills for 2020

By: Webmaster|Date: Mar 10, 2020|Tags: Alumni, Robotics, Student Highlights

atoms family group 2020

Each year, the PCA high school robotics team, the Atom’s Family, looks to improve their robot, building off the skills and knowledge they gained from the year prior. This year, they continued to advance the complexity of their robot and completed several team firsts pushing the limits of technology and manufacturing for their team. Among the accomplishments, this year’s robot had over 50 in-house 3-D designed and printed parts on the robot, including gearing, wheels, protectors, mounts, and other complex parts. The team implemented a precise and complex mecanum drive system allowing the robot to move in any direction at any time and was the only team in the competition that was able to climb up a tilted square metal bar to balance itself. On the software front, the team built a fully automated intake system that can collect 4-7″ dodgeballs (called power cells) off the ground without the driver having to do anything other than driving the robot to the power cell.

In autonomous mode (the first 15 seconds of the match), the software team designed eight distinct autonomous programs that can be executed. It ran six of them during the games, with all six operating successfully. These programs allowed the Atom’s family to start the robot in three different positions. Depending on what the other teams did during the autonomous period, the Atom’s Family had the flexibility to move out of the path of teammates. This made the Atoms Family the only team in the competition that could so accommodate its teammates.

Additionally, during the competition, the software team helped two other teams write their own autonomous program before the match they played with our team, helping them and helping our team at the same time. The Atoms family used Tableau, Qlik Sense, Excel, and Google Drive to do advanced scouting and data analytics and offered to share this information with other competitors who didn’t have the same capabilities. With all of this, the Atoms family finished in 10th place of 39 teams in qualifying. They were the 4th pick in the ‘draft’ for eliminations and advanced to the quarterfinals before being defeated. We are now making preparations and updates for our next event at Lincoln High School on March 19th to 21st. The event is free and open to the community.

The 2020 Atom’s Family Team consists of the following students:
Matthew Powers
Kamille Oweis 
Elijah Nemr
BJ Blume
**Kevin Connors
**Abby Foster
          **Henry Bi
Nolan Chubb
*Jacob Brabec
Ethan Marsden
Brennan Pascual
Ai Zhen Pike
Caitlin Cantrell
Joshua Jargowsky
Nicole Katrib
Zach Marsden
David Nemr
8th Grade:
Jacob Reinhard
Zebediah Tran
Guisseppe Waller
**Lutheran-Westland High School
Atom’s Family Mentors 2020: 
Keith Boruta ’06
Craig Brabec
Doug Chubb
Ray Farraj ’17
Rhey Galang
Reuben Galang ’14
Bill Muse
Sam Oweis
Nathan Oweis ’16
Phill Tran
Jessica Wash
Mark Wash
Submitted by Keith Boruta and Jessica Wash

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