ACSI Survey Outcomes: Report Card on Progress 2013 to 2016

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Successfully achieving ACSI and AdvancED accreditation is a key milestone that recognizes the ongoing commitment of the PCA Faculty, Staff, Administration, Regents, and CBC leadership to excellence at our school. Accreditation emphasizes the importance of a culture of continuous improvement which the Regents and Administration foster by providing avenues for our constituents to voice their opinions, suggest improvements, and offer feedback. Over the past several years, the Regents have sought and obtained stakeholder feedback by means of a number of surveys including those designed to acquire student assessment of teachers, parent assessment of teachers, departing family feedback, faculty and staff assessment of administration, and alumni feedback, among others. The summarized findings are reviewed by the Regent board and every textual comment is read by the Regents and/or Superintendent. We are grateful for all of the input you have provided and purposeful changes are made based on your feedback.

Separate ACSI surveys were distributed to parents, teachers, secondary students, and elementary students in 2013, just prior to when Mrs. Huntsman took on the Superintendent role, and the same surveys were distributed to parents, teachers, secondary students, and elementary students three years later in 2016. Because baseline survey findings were available from 2013, the Regents feel that changes from 2013 to 2016 provide a valuable “report card” on the effectiveness of Mrs. Huntsman as school administrator and of the PCA faculty and staff under her leadership.

The surveys for each group of stakeholders consisted of a number of statements, phrased in such a way that agreement with the statement is desirable, and the survey responder was asked to identify their level of agreement or disagreement with each statement. Responders were also given an opportunity to provide textual feedback on what they like best about PCA, what they like least, and what are areas for improvement. For each survey, a summary section appears below which includes several sample statements from the survey, a diagram showing findings from 2013 adjacent to findings from 2016, and bullet points capturing themes from the textual feedback. In the diagrams, findings for each statement are displayed in a vertical bar, color-coded to indicate the percent of responders that strongly agree (dark green), agree, (green), are neutral (grey), disagree (red) or strongly disagree (dark red) with the statement. The bars are expressed as percent to account for differences in number of surveys submitted in 2013 and 2016. An increase in green/dark green and a decrease in red/dark red between 2013 and 2016 reveals improvement in that area. The greener, the better!

The PCA Regent Board thanks each one of you for taking the time to complete these surveys and we want to share the full report. To view a full copy of survey questions and results, please click HERE.

Joyce Zandee,
PCA Regent Board Chair

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