ACSI Math Olympics Results 2016

By: Webmaster|Date: Apr 12, 2016|Tags: School News


We are pleased to announce the winners of the ACSI Math Olympics Competition for the 2016 school year at Plymouth Christian Academy. Our PCA Math Olympics finalists competed against 9 schools in the Mid-America Region. What a joy it was to see so many students have the opportunity to exercise their talents for God’s glory and to be encouraged in their pursuit of Him through mathematics. Praise God for His creativity in each one of us. Congratulations to all of our 2016 Math Olympics participants, finalists, and medalists. You were all fantastic.

Computation Category:

    Macy Morphew (1st place ribbon)
    Gloria Brown (2nd place ribbon)
    Billy Morphew (1st place Medallion)
    Caleb Cameron (4th place ribbon)
    Peyton Hess (2nd place ribbon)
    Laurence Smith (1st place Medallion)
    Abby Ludtke (4th place ribbon)
    Hannah Askew (1st place Medallion)
    Tori Mady (3rd place ribbon)

Reasoning Category:

    Mia Houk (3rd place ribbon)
    Dillon Morby (4th place ribbon)
    Grace Chamberlain (1st place ribbon)
    Emma Heussner (5th place ribbon)
    Ella Godin (2nd place ribbon)
    Eric Moore (5th place ribbon)

Thank you for putting forth your very best!

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