7-12 Summer Reading | Plymouth Christian Academy

Welcome to the Secondary Summer Reading webpage designed to provide you the information you need to prepare for the upcoming school year. The faculty in our English Department have been working to continually improve our outcomes. The following reading and writing assignments are part of that goal.

"As our English Department continues to strive to prepare students in a rigorous manner and maximize our in-class instruction time, we have made a move to mirror the expectations of other top-performing private high school English programs. While we have always had summer reading, this year we have required students to create a writing product as a diagnostic for our students' writing. As the English Department seeks to produce the best readers and writers, we noticed that summer reading writing projects were taking up as many as two weeks out of instruction time. By streamlining our diagnostic time, we hope to maximize student growth through instructional time. We also believe that summer writing allows students more time to comprehend the text."

Educating for Eternity,

Gloriann Curley, Rebecca Huff, Carolyn Kedney, Jaclynn Weber

PCA Secondary English Department

Reading Assignment Downloadables

Please download and print the reading assignment that corresponds with your grade level.