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The Latest News from PCA – Working to open in the safest ways possible!

By: Webmaster|Date: Jul 21, 2020|Tags: Plymouth Christian Life

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Dear PCA Families,
We are eagerly anticipating an exciting on-campus reunion at PCA on August 24th! We want to assure you that our teams are meeting and planning for returning in-person, five days a week, in the safest way possible. Your survey results indicate that you want frequent communications, so our goal will be to increase the frequency of our school-wide emails over the next several weeks. We’ve got some great news to share today because several plans were approved last week that will allow us to gather together in the safest way possible.

Air Quality & Ventilation

Based on the research of the Health & Safety Committee, it has been determined that air quality and ventilation are extremely important facets to the safety of our students, faculty, and staff. With that in mind, several upgrades are being made in this area:
  • Installation of HVAC upgrades to improve air quality. We will be targeting some large rooms and gathering areas of the school, such as the preschool classroom, Butler Gymnasium, Activity Center, and more
  • Ionizing tower fans will be placed in every classroom to improve air flow, and assist with disinfection
  • Simple ventilation steps such as opening windows and doors on classrooms, with safety measures in place, will assist with air flow

Health & Hygiene

We are thrilled to announce several upgrades that will help us keep our students, staff, and faculty healthy and safe. Please know that this list is not exhaustive of our plans, but simply updates on items that have been recently approved! They are the following:
  • Touchless bathroom faucets will be installed throughout both the church and school building
  • (4) current traditional style drinking fountains, located in both the church and school building, will be replaced with updated drinking fountains with bottle filler stations
  • Arrival to school will begin with a temperature health screening, using touchless, infrared thermometers, at several different entry points
  • Dozens of touchless, standing hand-sanitizer stations will be available in both buildings, along with handwashing protocols implemented throughout the day
  • Access to (2) electrostatic disinfecting sprayers for quick, thorough disinfection when necessary
  • Protective desk shields will be installed in several areas of the school such as reception desks, preschool, kindergarten, and begindergarten classrooms, the media center, and more


We learned about the critical role of technology this past spring. While we are praying and planning to remain in school full-time on campus this fall, several necessary upgrades were needed to better position our teachers for both classroom and at-home teaching. We believe the following items will elevate the robust education that you’ve come to expect from PCA!
  • All teachers are receiving upgraded laptops with external webcams for streaming capability
  • Instructional software, such as Nearpod, Glogster, ProQuest K 12, have been purchased to improve your child’s educational experience and make learning more fun in the process
  • Megan Sinclair, in addition to continuing as a vocal instructor, has added the job title of Educational Technology Coordinator to her role
  • Google Classroom will provide a streamlined approach to your child’s education, organizing all their class materials, assignments, study guides, videos to view, communication with their teacher, and so much more in one place

Student Life & Course Offerings

The mission of Plymouth Christian is to partner with parents to educate and equip young leaders to be Christ-like, life-long servants who are prepared for college and life. Equipping and encouraging every student in their walk with God, while providing strong academic preparation is key at PCA. With those goals in focus, the following plans are being put in place for the coming fall:
  • Fine Arts classes such as Band, Choir, and Theatre will be offered with important safety precautions in place
  • PCA Athletics will compete using the protocols set forth by the MHSAA
  • Elementary specials and secondary electives will be offered to provide the well-rounded education your family expects from PCA
  • At this time, we are planning for chapels to gather in smaller groups in the auditorium, allowing for meaningful shared experiences. When deemed necessary, we are also prepared to live stream chapels into each classroom.
  • We are investigating online and live streaming options for students who may need to remain at home. Stay tuned as plans develop!
I pray that this latest update will bring you much comfort and excitement as we look forward to being together this fall as a school family! Please note that this list is not an exhaustive list of all the plans we have in place, but we wanted to update you with the very latest news. In the coming weeks, you’ll receive an extensive, comprehensive plan that fills in all the details about your student’s school day! Questions? Please direct them to
In Him,
Caryn Huntsman

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