The Advancement Team at Plymouth Christian is passionate about earning funds for our PCA families or for PCA from our community partners, without having to ask for more from our PCA families. We recognize that everyone shops in different ways and at different places. We have compiled a list of the following community partners that allow you to shop as you do, but earn rewards at the same time.

Tuition Reduction Incentive Program (TRIP), Save Money Toward Your Personal Tuition!

TRIP is a program offered to the families at Plymouth Christian Academy to give them the opportunity to reduce their tuition. Participation is open to all parents, grandparents, relatives, friends, and anyone in the community who wish to support tuition reduction at Plymouth Christian Academy. Through the TRIP program, PCA is able to purchase gift certificates from participating restaurants, grocery stores, retail stores, and service businesses at a discount to the school. Families in the program purchase these certificates at face value. The difference (credit) between the TRIP purchase price of the certificate and the full face value of the certificate is passed on to participating families for tuition reduction. Ten percent of the certificate amount is retained by Plymouth Christian Academy TRIP program for operating expenses. The tuition reduction (credit) can be applied to your individual account, another family’s account, or the Plymouth Christian Academy Scholarship Fund account. For more information, please contact Leanne Windle, TRIP Coordinator, at


Does your family shop at Kroger? Do you have a Kroger Plus Card? If so, you can easily link that Plus Card to Plymouth Christian and PCA will received money back from Kroger. It’s Kroger’s way of giving back to their community. There is no change in your shopping experience. Simply link your card ONLINE. The PCA code for Kroger is #82834.