Elementary Instrumental Music

Instrumental music instruction for band begins in the fifth grade. Small group instruction offers the students the opportunity to learn their instrument in a sequential manner. Beginning band students may choose from a variety of woodwind and brass instruments, as well as percussion. 5th and 6th grade band meet twice a week. Students will start from the basics and will also learn about music theory and history. Band students also benefit from visits by professional clinicians in their instrument family. Elementary Band participates in the Christmas and Spring Concerts.

Plymouth Christian Academy also offers a private string program for younger students, grades K-6th. Lessons are arranged with our string’s teacher and take place on our school campus.

Elementary Vocal Music

Elementary students at PCA enjoy music classes on a weekly basis. PCA follows the National Standards for Music Education. A wide variety of classroom activities including singing, moving, and instrument playing are utilized.

Sequenced instruction in the elements and skills of vocal production are then transferred to music reading and instrument playing. The understanding of music history and cultural connections are also explored. Students in the fourth grade apply their skills in playing the recorder.

Beginning in the fourth grade, students may participate in PCA Youth Choir, a premier choir of students grade four through six. This choir is a privilege and will provide more advanced singing opportunities for young singers. Students perform at various PCA events, and also attend off-campus performance-based field trips.

At the sixth grade level, students have the opportunity to participate in sixth grade honors choir. This choir exists to provide a competitive choral opportunity to students interested in attending Michigan School Vocal Music Association Festivals. Sixth grade students will join the Middle School Choir and attend MSVMA Choral Festival.

Elementary Art

The elementary art program at Plymouth Christian Academy gives students the opportunity to experience and enjoy many different mediums. They are encouraged to use their God-given creativity to the fullest, while learning and practicing a variety of techniques. We celebrate their individuality as it manifests itself through their art pieces.


We have two Fine Arts evenings each year that showcase the art, band, and vocal music departments of Plymouth Christian Academy. Our artistically talented students proudly display many interesting and creative works of art such as pottery, tile trivets, crayon resists, stenciling, texturing, paper mache’, painting, drawing, and weaving. Each piece of art is as unique as the artist who created it. These exhibits are organized in conjunction with the art curriculum and are an integral part of the school’s efforts to promote the exploration of self-expression in our elementary students. It is amazing to see the various personalities of our students emerge through their artwork.

We also connect to our community by competing each year in the Fire Safety Poster Contest sponsored by the Canton Chamber of Commerce. This gives our students the chance to have their work viewed throughout the community. Plymouth Christian Academy is a member of the Plymouth Community Arts Council, which gives us the ability to use their many resources in our classrooms.

God has blessed us with many artistically talented students at PCA. We make every effort to challenge, support, and give them the opportunity to use those gifts for His honor and glory.

Fine & Performing Arts Booster Board

Learn more about the booster board and their passion to see the arts excel at PCA! Visit their WEBPAGE.