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Getting ready for kindergarten? We have some tips from the experts!

During the month of May, students across the country attend Kindergarten Roundup in preparation for the new adventure awaiting them the coming fall. At Plymouth Christian Academy (PCA), we welcomed our brand new elementary students and their parents just a few weeks ago at our Kindergarten Roundup. The excitement was palpable and the questions were [...]

Finish Well

We understand the difficulty remaining focused as the school year winds down and the temperature heats up and that is why we want to share the following tips from Parent Guide News. You can view the full article HERE. Keep the general work routine the same, but change the activities. For example, start homework at [...]

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Four PCA Students Honored by the Plymouth Rotary

What is the local Rotary Club and why were PCA students honored at a Plymouth Rotary luncheon last week? Those are great questions! First of all, the Rotary Club is a worldwide organization with over a million members. They call themselves, "People of Action", and are known locally to tackle issues and problems by coming [...]

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National Day of Prayer 2019

May 2, 2019...the National Day of Prayer has arrived. At PCA, we are honoring this day with an all-school prayer led by Mrs. Caryn Huntsman in the morning and an emphasis on the theme that we have been instructed to Love One Another. We are grateful that we can celebrate a day such as this [...]

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Student Statesmanship Institute 2019

For the past two days, PCA junior and senior students took part in a unique event entitled, Student Statesmanship Institute. This annual event dates back almost 20 years at PCA and has its beginnings from the passion of one PCA parent, Mr. John Losen. Mr. Losen believed it was incredibly important for PCA students to [...]

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The Influence of a Godly Teacher

Hands down, the most consistent answer to the question, “Who was the most powerful influence in your life growing up?” continues to be, “My teachers.” Think about it. Many of us can easily name a trusted educator or coach who inspired us, influenced our journey or touched our heart. Teachers are happy and positive people [...]

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ExPlore 2019

Welcome to ExPlore 2019! Now in its 5th year, ExPlore Week has become part of the culture at Plymouth Christian Academy for our 9th-12th grade students. We are grateful for the staff, teachers, and volunteers who have worked tirelessly over the years to make this amazing week possible for our students. Are you wondering what [...]

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Let the Races Begin

Science at Plymouth Christian Academy is becoming more STEM focused with every semester. And thanks to Middle School Science Teacher, Deb Hope, the projects are taking on challenges that many have waited until college to experience. Every day, her science classes, also known as PCA Hope's Hangout, are filled with projects that make students use [...]

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Team 4405 – Destination Deep Space

Did you know that PCA has a very advanced high school robotics team? Were you aware that throughout the months of January & February each year, they are tirelessly working almost every evening at their team's lab in downtown Plymouth? In case you weren't aware, we'd like to introduce you to Team 4405 - The [...]

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Spirit Week & Homecoming 2019

Spirit Week 2019 has arrived and will take place from Monday, February 4-Saturday, February 9. The following details should answer all your questions if you are the parent of a middle school or high school student or have some alumni in your family! The 2019 Spirit Week theme is “Decades” Seniors: "1980's" Juniors: "2000's" Sophomores: [...]

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