Elementary Art

The Plymouth Christian Academy elementary art program, begindergarten (Early 5’s) through 6th grade, gives students the opportunity to experience and enjoy many different mediums. They are encouraged to use their God-given creativity to the fullest while learning and practicing a variety of techniques. We celebrate their individuality as it manifests itself through their art pieces.

We have two Fine Arts evenings each year that showcase the art, band, and vocal music departments of Plymouth Christian Academy. Our artistically talented students proudly display many interesting and creative works of art such as pottery, tile trivets, crayon resists, stenciling, texturing, paper mache’, painting, drawing, and weaving. Each piece of art is as unique as the artist who created it. These exhibits are organized in conjunction with the art curriculum and are an integral part of the school’s efforts to promote the exploration of self-expression in our elementary students. It is amazing to see the various personalities of our students emerge through their artwork.

Elementary Christmas Art Exhibit

We also connect to our community by competing each year in the Fire Safety Poster Contest sponsored by the Canton Chamber of Commerce. This gives our students the chance to have their work viewed throughout the community. Plymouth Christian Academy is a member of the Plymouth Community Arts Council, which gives us the ability to use their many resources in our classrooms.

God has blessed us with many artistically talented students at PCA. We make every effort to challenge, support, and give them the opportunity to use those gifts for His honor and glory.

Secondary Art

At PCA, we believe that art education provides students a system for communicating ideas and feelings about God, themselves, and their world around them. Through the act of creating, students are challenged to exercise their minds, solve problems, and to utilize their imaginations while formulating new ideas. Participation in an art program contributes to the development of the positive character qualities of teamwork, flexibility, appreciation and respect for others’ ideas, and the discovery of students’ extraordinary God-given artistic talents in order to reclaim the arts for God’s glory.

PCA’s Fine Arts Department offers visual art study through Drawing & Painting Studio, Ceramics Studio, Advanced Art, Portfolio Development and AP Studio Art for both drawing and 2-D portfolios. In addition, 8th graders receive a semester of art education, and the Yearbook class is a fine arts course.

Beyond the art class…

  • Two art exhibits each year showcase the talents of the students and allow the PCA community to partner in our art education efforts.
  • Students who have a desire to participate in the school’s art community may qualify to participate in the National Art Honor Society.

Secondary Christmas Art Exhibit