We are challenged in the Scriptures to bear one another’s burdens and at PCA we believe that includes helping families provide a Christian education even if they cannot afford the full cost of tuition. To that end, PCA has established a tuition assistance program to help families in need. Tuition assistance is offered completely on the basis of need that is determined through a confidential, third party process. PCA does not award athletic or academic merit scholarships. The PCA Tuition Assistance Fund is limited and awarded in order of applications.

For more information about our tuition assistance opportunities, please contact Leanne Windle, Tuition Coordinator, at 734-459-3505 ext. 3190 or Email Leanne Windle HERE.

To begin the application process for tuition assistance, visit the FACTS website HERE.

FACTS also handles the tuition payments at PCA, but the tuition payments and financial assistance are two separate entities.