Welcome to Plymouth Christian Academy Preschool

Preschool is an exciting milestone in your child’s life, and the staff at Plymouth Christian Preschool would love to have the opportunity to be a part of your experience. Our preschool is fully licensed by the State of Michigan and includes a loving and caring Christian environment.

Our preschool program is designed to help you build a solid foundation for your child’s future. Academically, that means exploring language, letters, sounds, numbers, and a wide variety of concepts. Building a foundation socially and emotionally means developing language and using words to express thoughts and needs, developing friendship skills, and learning to try new things. Physically, it means experiences designed to develop both gross and fine motor skills. Finally, building a solid foundation spiritually means learning that God is our Creator, Jesus is our Savior, and the Bible is Truth. We believe that the most effective education is a result of a partnership between the home and school. We welcome the involvement of parents.

We invite you to visit and experience preschool for yourself. Please contact the PCA Admission’s Office to set up a tour. You can also enjoy this virtual tour to get a preview of what we have to offer by clicking the following button:

We look forward to meeting you!

Preschool Programs at Plymouth Christian

Three Year Olds

  • Must by 3 years old by September 1
  • Tuesday/Thursday, 8:00-10:45am or 12:00-2:45pm
  • Certified Teachers: 1:7 Ratio

Four Year Olds

  • Must be 4 years old by September 1
  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday, 8:00-10:45am or 12:00-2:45pm
  • Certified Teachers: 1:7 Ratio

Begindergarten (Young Five Year Olds)

  • Must be 5 years old by December 31
  • 11:45 am – 2:55 pm
  • Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday
  • Optional Friday
  • Certified Teachers: 1:8 ratio
  • Click on Academics/Begindergarten for specific information on this program

Meet The Preschool Teachers And Staff

PCA Sharon Hay

Sharon Hay

Preschool Master Teacher
Mrs. Hay joined the preschool faculty in 2006 as the Master Teacher for the preschool. Before joining the preschool staff, Mrs. Hay taught Begindergarten, Kindergarten, 1st, and 3rd grades at Plymouth Christian Academy. She also serves as a Children’s Ministries Assistant at Calvary Baptist Church.


  • BA in Elementary Education
  • MA in Early Childhood Education

PCA Michele Lindberg

Michele Lindberg

Preschool Aide
Mrs. Lindberg joined the preschool staff in 2010. She has previous experience as a secondary teacher, a preschool teacher, and a parent volunteer. Mrs. Lindberg also serves as a Children’s Ministries Assistant at Calvary Baptist Church.


  • BA and Teaching Certificate, University of Michigan

PCA Sarah Morby

Sarah Morby

Preschool Aide
Mrs. Morby joined the PCA faculty in 2010.


  • BS in Family and Child Development, Eastern Michigan University
  • Elementary Teaching Certificate with a special endorsement in Early Childhood Education, Eastern Michigan University

PCA Dolly Cassar

Dolly Cassar

Preschool Aide
Mrs. Cassar joined the PCA faculty in 2018.


  • BA in Psychology, Madonna University

Preschool Curriculum

Preschool children will experience learning through hands-on exploratory experiences, play experiences, and teacher directed large and small group experiences. Each day will include activities to emphasize language/vocabulary development, school readiness skills, social, emotional and spiritual development, concept development, and the development of fine and gross motor skills.

Children will increase in their ability to…

  • Use words to express thoughts or needs individually and in a group setting
  • Adjust to new situations
  • Follow classroom routines and rules
  • Listen to and follow oral directions
  • Practice good friendship skills
  • Share with others
  • Wait for a turn
  • Wait for the teacher’s attention
  • Recognize and respond to authority figures
  • Accept consequences of unacceptable behaviors
  • Recognize and accept differences in children’s abilities, likes and dislikes, cultures
  • Act out familiar roles in dramatic play
  • Respond to frustration/conflict appropriately
  • Try new things

Children will be introduced to…

  • Bible stories from the Old and New Testaments
  • The Biblical accounts of Christmas and Easter
  • Bible concepts:
    • The Bible is God’s special book for us and contains all the important things
    • He wants us to know and to do
    • The Bible is true
    • God created the world in six days
    • God loves and cares for us wherever we are
    • God’s promises are true. God always keeps His promises
    • God’s miracles show His power
    • God has a plan for us
    • Jesus is God’s Son
    • Jesus died and rose again to pay the penalty for our sin
  • Songs relating to the Bible stories and God’s love and character
  • Christian Character Traits such as kindness, truthfulness, patience, self-control, gentleness, and joyfulness
  • Children will learn simple Bible verses

Cognitive Development – 3 Year Old Classes: Literacy / Language

The children will…

  • Hear and discriminate the sounds of language, rhyming – phonemic awareness
  • Explore capital and lower case letters of the alphabet
  • Explore the phonetic sound of each letter of the alphabet
  • Sing and say the alphabet
  • Expand their ability to speak and comprehend language
  • Learn and use new vocabulary words
  • Listen attentively to stories in large group and small group settings
  • Ask and answer questions
  • Take part in dramatic play, acting out familiar roles with dress-up clothes
  • Recognize their names written in capital and lower case letters.
  • Print their first names

Cognitive Development – 4 Year /Young 5 Year Olds Classes: Literacy / Language

Children will continue and expand on the 3 year olds curriculum above and will…

  • Identify capital and lower case letters of the alphabet
  • Identify the sound of each letter of the alphabet
  • Listen for and identify sounds in the initial position of words
  • Learn to blend sounds
  • Re-tell stories in their own words
  • Create their own stories
  • Explore left to right progression
  • Use emerging phonemic skills to make meaning from print
  • Recognize the beginning, middle, and end of a story
  • Print the letters of the alphabet

Cognitive Development: Math (3 Year Old Classes)

The children will…

  • Count to 10 and beyond
  • Explore number identification
  • Count objects using one to one correspondence
  • Sort items by size, color, or other properties
  • Measure sizes and amounts
  • Identify shapes
  • Identify colors
  • Recognize simple patterns
  • Explore positional words
  • Explore cause and effect

Cognitive Development: Math (4 Year Old / Young Five Year Old Classes)

Children will continue and expand on the 3 year olds math curriculum above and will…

  • Count to 30 and beyond
  • Identify the numbers 1-20 and beyond
  • Count an increasing number of objects using one to one correspondence
  • Recognize, repeat, and create simple patterns
  • Explore graphing and comparing
  • Explore sequencing

Cognitive Development: World Language -Spanish

Children will explore the concept of other cultures and languages. They will learn beginning Spanish vocabulary and short phrases relating to the classroom and family life.

Cognitive Development: Computer

Children will be given the opportunity to practice eye/hand coordination, fine motor skills, and reading and math skills using a variety of computer learning games.

Cognitive Development: Science and Social Studies

Children will explore a variety of concepts and themes in the areas of science and social studies, and will be able to experiment with science concepts.

Physical Development: Fine Motor Skills

Children will…

  • Learn the proper grip of scissors and practice cutting successfully along lines.
  • Practice proper crayon and pencil grip.
  • Practice writing their name using upper and lower case letters.
  • Practice squeezing and controlling a glue bottle.
  • Practice fine motor movements and eye-hand coordination through a variety of manipulative activities.
  • playdough and other moldable materials
  • puzzles
  • legos
  • putting pegs in holes
  • stringing beads
  • tracing around patterns
  • tracing dots
  • sorting objects
  • sand and water play
  • picking up small objects
  • painting
  • computer activities
  • coloring and printing

Physical Development: Gross Motor Skills

Children will practice the following skills using a variety of equipment (balance beam, climber, slide, mats, teeter totter, rocking boat, balance board, hopscotch mat, parachute, balls, and outdoor playscape)…

  • Jumping, hopping, and skipping
  • Balance
  • Eye, hand and foot coordination
  • Climbing up and down stairs using a railing
  • Climbing in and out
  • Walking on a line and in a line
  • Kicking and rolling a ball
  • Catching and throwing a large ball
  • Creative body movements in response to music

Daily Schedule

The preschool day includes time to learn through free play experiences, large group activities, and small group/individual projects.  The structure of the day allows for a balance between teacher directed learning activities and child directed exploration. Our large classroom and indoor climbing equipment also allows for movement, balance, and large muscle development during play.

Class Structure

Free Choice Time

The teacher opens the classroom door and greets each child as he/she enters. Children begin to explore the play and learning centers of their choice. This is an opportunity to learn through free play and to develop friendship and verbal skills.

Circle Time

Children gather on the story rug for a time of large group learning and interaction. Circle Time includes concept development, calendar and counting activities, phonics and phonemic awareness, literacy activities, vocabulary expansion, music, listening and speaking skill development, a story, and an introduction to the Center Time projects for the day.

Center Time

At Center Time, teachers work with children at their own developmental level in small groups or individually to develop curriculum skills through hands on projects and activities. When children have demonstrated skill mastery, teachers will challenge them at the next level of application. When center time projects are completed, the children have another opportunity to play in the play centers of their choice.

Center Time Wrap Up and World Language

Children gather at the story rug for Center Time Wrap Up discussion and for Spanish language instruction.

Snack Time

As the children nourish their bodies with healthy food, they are given the opportunity to practice social skills, language skills and table etiquette.

Bible Time

Children are introduced to basic Bible truths and Christian character through Bible stories, application stories, Bible verses, and music. These concepts are developed and reinforced throughout the preschool experience.

Large Muscle Activity and Outdoor Play

When the weather allows in the fall and the spring seasons, the children are given the opportunity to run, play, and explore at the outdoor school playground. During cold, snowy, or rainy weather, our large classroom and large lobby area is perfect for a wide variety of indoor movement games and activities designed for large muscle development.

Preschool Supply List

  • Preschool Supply List 2018-19
  • Preschool Calendar

  • Preschool Calendar 2018-2019

  • We invite you to visit and experience preschool for yourself. Contact the school office to set up a tour. We look forward to meeting you.