Did you know that PCA kindergarten has some interesting options? We offer a four full-day kindergarten with the option of adding an additional day by being part of Enrichment Friday. Enrichment Friday is a day with a focus on science and hands-on activities. It’s a day of field trips and exploration, adding to the experience for the students who take part in this extra day, without leaving the four-day students behind in curriculum. This past Friday, the students participated in a science experiment (as they do every Friday). They did the fun experiment of arranging Skittles in a pattern and pouring hot water over them. The kids loved seeing the colorful designs created by this process!

Plymouth Christian believes in meeting the needs of individual students by providing kindergarten options such as “Enrichment Friday”, secondary options such as Dual Enrollment, and our Homeschool Partnership for all grades. Balanced education incorporating strong academics from a biblical worldview, the arts, and athletics makes PCA a very unique community for our students beginning in preschool!