Watching our students work hard and reach beyond their comfort zones in our recent Elementary Speech Festival was a sight to behold. We are privileged at PCA to continue a long-standing program to develop communication skills that contribute to glorifying God with our speech. The Speech Festival is such a rewarding experience and we are always amazed and delighted by the seriousness, poise, humor and thoughtfulness our students display in their presentations. Through the annual Elementary Speech Festival, our students learn the significance of speech as we communicate with others and with God.

We are very proud of the hard work it takes to step into the unknown. For many of our 3rd graders, this was their first time giving a speech – something that is extremely difficult for adults to do! But this is where the real growth and learning happens. Even though it takes practice, our students learn that preparation is key. Giving a speech is hard work and takes many of us to the edge of our capabilities, the edge of our knowledge, and for many, the edge of our confidence. It’s not always as easy place to be, but when the work challenges us, we are in a place of potential growth.

It’s important that our students have a positive and joyful school experience in a Christ-centered, safe learning environment, but they also need to know that sometimes it’s just plain old hard work. Working hard is rewarding and “putting their nose to the grindstone” is part of the secret to success. Children should see that there is a lot of work behind the scenes and that athletes and musicians don’t just suddenly “show up” in the spotlight. Sometimes our kids may have to work harder at something — math, music, science, sports — than others. That’s okay. Working hard and perseverance matters.

Praying for you, Mr. Batson