In the fall of 2004, PCA’s brand underwent a change with the development of the logo to the left featuring the shield, cross and eagle that is familiar to all students, staff, and parents. This logo has served us well as a school but since the athletic branding and the CBC branding has been updated, the decision to modernize the school logo was made this past summer.

Work was started on the creation of a new, modernized all-school logo during the 2017-2018 school year. Logos were collected from schools across the country and shared with a focus group to determine direction. Our graphic designer took the direction and theme, created several variations and each time received feedback from a wider group of individuals. The focus groups included school staff, church staff, and alumni. The result of this process brought a fresh new look to the symbol that will represent PCA for the coming years.
The following provides insight into its meaning:

    1. The new PCA logo is a clean and modern design that emphasizes the cross at the center of everything that we do.
    2. As a ministry of CBC, we are seeking to build brand unity while also remaining our own entity.
    3. The three points on the symbol indicate the school’s mission to educate and equip students for lives of Learning, Leadership, and Service.

As we look toward the future, we are excited to share this new brand for PCA, while maintaining the same mission to educate for lives of learning, leadership, and service!