Were you aware that PCA has a Theological Society for high school students? The club was formed this year by a group of students who wanted to think seriously about God and his world and strengthen their faith through more in-depth study. Some members of this group also committed to thoughtfully considering how they were using technology and took steps toward more healthy use of their devices.

In May, thanks to a wonderful parent connection, the Plymouth Christian Academy Theological Society (PCATS) was given a unique opportunity to meet with Christian author and thinker Andy Crouch in Holland, MI. Andy is much sought-after and his baseline speaking fee is normally $3500, but he agreed to meet with our students for free because of their commitments to using technology sparingly and to thinking deeply about Christian theology.

The following students were members of PCATS this past year and traveled to Holland, MI to meet with Mr. Crouch:

    Hallie Allen
    Jon Kannapell
    Lauren Pearce
    Matt Pierce
    Ann Stein
    Liam Stein
    Seth Windle
    Levi Yakuber

These students got to engage with Andy in a high level discussion about the ways that technology affects modern life, faith, and their relationships with their friends and family. A particular highlight was the inclusion of some members from a local church, many of them parents of teens, who got to ask our students questions about how they handle technology in their families, and what advice or suggestions they might have for them as parents.

If you’d like to learn more about the concept of using technology wisely, I invite you to check out more of Andy Crouch’s work. I highly recommend his books The Tech Wise Family and Strong and Weak. You can learn more about Andy and his work by visiting his website HERE.

It was an honor to work with these students this past year, both in the classroom and through the new PCATS, and I look forward to many more thoughtful, engaging conversations this upcoming year!

Matt Rossi, PCA Secondary Bible Teacher