Creativity and expression through art is a very important component of education at PCA. We are blessed to have gifted art teachers who share their expertise with our students from kindergarten through 12th grade. In addition to our scheduled art classes with both Michael Costello and Tina Kincer, we are honored to have the work of PCA Art Mom, Kimberly Burns. Throughout this school year, Mrs. Burns has been working with the Plymouth Community Arts Council to provide special art lessons for PCA early elementary students. Taking place approximately one time per month, Mrs. Burns selects themed lessons from the Plymouth Community Arts Council and then creates an art project to go with that lesson.

On Thursday, May 24, Mrs. Burns taught PCA kindergarten students about Aboriginal art This Australian art tells a story through symbols and dots. Students learned how to identify Aboriginal art through geometric shapes, symbols of pictures, and elaborate paintings all in dots. PCA kindergartners created their own Aboriginal art masterpieces and even made musical rain instruments with paper and lentil beans.

In addition to the Aboriginal art lesson, the kindergarten students reviewed the famous artists and pieces they learned about over this past year ranging from Van Gogh’s famous Camille and the Sunflower, to Matisse’s collage shapes.

A special thanks to Mrs. Burns for her dedication this year to the Plymouth Community Arts Council Art Parent Program and to serving our early elementary students in this very special way!