Everywhere we look, we see organisms living in community. Plants, animal, and non-living things in an environment affect each other. Third grade students are researching ecosystems in order to make a display of one ecosystem as a shoe box diorama. Students are discovering the relationships God has created all around us. These interactions result in a complex, interwoven web of life. The value of the individual and the necessity of community are beautiful manifestations of a triune God. “One Spirit…one Lord…One God.” Ephesians 4:4-6

This week, March 12-16:

    Kindergarten: comparing and contrasting solids, liquids and gases
    1st grade: identifying water in all parts of the water cycle with an emphasis on snow
    2nd grade: investigating soil
    3rd grade: constructing ecosystem dioramas (NOTE: each 3rd grader needs a shoe box by March 14)
    4th grade: discovering how to make and take apart mixtures 5th grade: analyzing solutions
    6th grade: setting up an experiment to test how various liquids affect plant growth