The purpose of the Book Bowl is to provide a comprehension competition designed to encourage students to read quality literature. The goals of the program are to encourage and recognize students who enjoy reading, broaden reading interests, increase reading comprehension, and promote academic excellence in our 4th through 6th-grade students.

How did it begin?

It was designed to be a “super bowl” for students as a reading incentive program in elementary, middle and high schools across the country. The questions are designed to determine if students know the basic plot, including the characters, setting, action, and the climax of the story. Great care is taken in choosing the books and writing questions for each year’s competition.

How are the books selected?

All of the books selected are from differing genres and most teachers will allow students to use a book bowl selection for their book reports and Accelerated Reading (AR) points. Books are selected over a range of reading levels and interests so that all 4-6 grade students can participate. The books read for the Book Bowl can also be used in many classrooms for the Pizza Hut Book It program. We also look for books in series or authors with a large body of work to encourage students to read after the competition. Thought is given to the gender, reading levels, and interests of 4-6 grade students.

How is Book Bowl Conducted?

*It is different this year!* The competition begins with the introduction of the books to students and families in December. Once the books and the competition have been introduced to the students they are invited to form teams within their classrooms. Students must read all ten books to qualify. They need to pass the AR test with 60% or better. There are possibilities of retaking the test ONE additional time. During the actual competition on April 17, 2018, teams will receive points for correctly answered questions. This year students may also choose (five) Phone-a-Friends…which means they can ask anyone in their class, including the teacher. Their classes will cheer them on because for they represent them in the competition.

What are the Prizes?

For every book the student reads and passes on an AR test, their name will be placed on the Battle Wheel. The Battle Wheel has the titles of all the books that are in the contest. Everyone who reads the book and passes the AR test will be placed on that book’s space. If the wheel lands on a title you have read you will win the prize of the week. Prizes will be given every week or two by spinning the wheel. (The same book can’t win two times in a row.) The first-week winners will win a Slurpee. The second-week winners will win Movie Candy! And more every week following… Make sure to be on the Battle Wheel! Everyone reading all 10 books will receive a Sweats Day and Pizza Party! Plus they will compete in the competition. First and second place teams win a free lunch at Culver’s (including ice cream). Winners will receive medals and their names will go on the trophy for the coming year!

What are the books for Book Bowl 2018?

Castle in the Attic by Winthrop

    William has just got the best present of his life—an old, real-looking stone and wooden model of a castle, with a drawbridge, a moat, and a finger high knight to guard the gates. It’s the strange castle his housekeeper has told him about, and even though William is sad she’s leaving, now the castle is his! He can’t wait to play with the castle—there’s something magical about it. And sure enough, when he picks up the tiny silver knight, it comes alive in his hand! Sir Simon tells William a mighty story of wild sorcery, wizards, and magic. And suddenly William is off on a quest to another land and another time—where a fiery dragon and an evil wizard are waiting to do battle.

Cold Case Christianity for Kids by Wallace

    Detective Wallace gets kids excited about testing witnesses, examining the evidence, and investigating the case for Christianity. Includes author illustrations and links to a website ( where kids can download activities, fill in case notes, and earn a certificate of merit.

Elijah Creek and the Armor of God: Severed Head by Wood

    Ancient mystery lies buried in an abandoned church, a treasure that will change Elijah Creek’s life forever. Follow Elijah, Robbie, Reece, Mei, and Skid in their quest for the armor of God, a weapon of immense power in life’s battles—seen and unseen. An ancient mystery, a cold case, suspicious professors, five friends, the awesome power of the armor of God . . . Join these teens on a quest for the real armor of God in this well-crafted and suspenseful series. Get ready for life-changing adventure and spiritual warfare!

Framed by Ponti

    Get to know the only kid on the FBI Director’s speed dial and several international criminals’ most wanted lists all because of his Theory of All Small Things in this hilarious start to a brand-new mystery series.

Henry and the Clubhouse by Cleary

    Henry and his friends are building a no-girls-allowed clubhouse. With a private space of their own away from everyone else—and even a top-secret entry password—they’re all thrilled with their boy fort. But Henry’s about to find out that nothing—not even a sign—will keep gutsy Ramona out of their clubhouse…and her retaliation may just ruin Henry’s newspaper career.

Loser’s Club by Clements

    Sixth-grader Alec can’t put a good book down. So when Principal Vance lays down the law—pay attention in class, or else—Alec takes action. He can’t lose all his reading time, so he starts a club. A club he intends to be the only member of. After all, reading isn’t a team sport, and no one would want to join something called the Losers Club, right? But as more and more kids find their way to Alec’s club—including his ex-friend turned bully and the girl Alec is maybe starting to like—Alec notices something. Real life might be messier than his favorite books, but it’s just as interesting.

Middle School Rules: Charles Tillman by Jensen

    Over a dozen seasons, Charles Tillman established himself as the greatest cornerback in the storied history of the Chicago Bears. A two-time Pro Bowl selection, Tillman has been distinguished as one of the NFL’s most opportunistic defensive backs, intercepting 36 passes and forcing 42 fumbles—the most in the league since his rookie year in 2003. In fact, he popularized the “Peanut Punch,” a nod to his childhood nickname and a tribute to his knack for jarring a football from the grasp of an offensive player.

Once on an Island by Whelan

    When war erupts between England and America, it brings change and uncertainty, even to Michigan’s remote Mackinac Island.  For young Mary O’Shea, the hardest change is the departure of her father, who leaves Mackinac to join the American Army. With her sister and brother, Mary must tend the farm, deal with the hardships of British occupation, and hope for the safe return of their father.

Sled Dog School by Johnson

    Eleven-year-old Matt is struggling in school and he has to set up his own business to save his failing math grade. But what is he even good at? The only thing he truly loves is his team of dogs, and so Matt’s Sled Dog School is born. Teaching dogsledding should be easy, right?

Wizard’s Dog by Gale

    Meet Nosewise. He’s spunky. He’s curious. And he’s a dog who can’t understand why his pack mates Merlin and Morgana spend all day practicing magic tricks. If it’s a trick they want, he’s the dog to ask! He can already Sit!, Stay!, and Roll Over! But there’s no way Nosewise is Stay!ing when his master and best friend, Merlin, is kidnapped. There’s nothing Nosewise won’t do to get Merlin back, even if it means facing the strange Fae people and their magic-eating worms, or tangling with the mysterious Sword in the Stone. But it may take more than sniffing out a spell to do it!