All students at Plymouth Christian Academy experience a large variety of engaging, hands-on science activities. The 2017-2018 school year has brought much excitement with the addition of an elementary activity based, Creation-centered STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) Lab. Elementary students have the opportunity to explore hands-on science, not only in their classrooms, but also in this new STEM Lab each week. Considered one of the “Specials” for our elementary students, they go to the STEM Lab weekly and have the opportunity to use equipment and experience some of the following:

    microscopes to observe living cells and growing crystals
    chemicals to make slime, acid base reactions, and even “elephant toothpaste”
    magnifying lenses to see rocks, fish, worms and baby plants inside seeds more closely
    dissecting tools to observe the inside of a frog
    butterfly nets to collect specimens from our campus
    electric circuits to design exciting projects
    construction materials to create structures
    and so much more!

The explorations are endless, filled with excitement and provide numerous opportunities to learn about the world God created and how He holds it all together.

STEM Education helps students to understand how the academic disciplines of Science, Technology. Engineering and Mathematics impact their world and prepare them for the workforce of tomorrow. We want our school to provide a learning environment where students are given the opportunity to experience, talk, debate, discover, create and build on a campus where we begin with God’s Word as our foundation of Truth. Plymouth Christian Academy wants our students to use this new STEM Lab to learn to lead the way to innovation… learning today …. making a better tomorrow.