Get ready to SHINE! For your convenience, all the SHINE details for Monday are listed below.

MONDAY, April 24


    Waltonwood Senior Center
    12:40pm-1:00pm- Auditorium for Prayer, Praise and Worship
    1:30pm-2:30pm-Elementary Lunchroom for Placemat Project. The students will be designing a placemat, with drawings, scripture, and more. This placemat will be laminated and delivered later in the week to the Waltonwood Senior Center. While visiting the senior center, the kindergarten classes will be performing some songs for the seniors.


    Detroit Rescue Mission, Prayer Pillow Cases. The PCA preschool students will be making tie-dyed pillowcases during their classes this week. Once the pillowcases have dried, they will take them later in the week into the auditorium and spread them out on the stage. They will put their heads on their pillowcases and pray for the person at the Detroit Rescue Mission who will receive their pillow case. The prayers will be for many things, but most importantly, they will pray that these individuals will come to know Christ as Savior.


    Busy Books for Children’s Hospital of Detroit & “It’s In The Bag” – Love For God and Neighbors Food Bags
    8:30am-9:00am – Auditorium for Prayer, Praise and Worship
    9:15am-11:15am-Frank Smith Lunchroom for Project


    Loving Loaves & SOUPer Monday & “It’s In The Bag” – Love For God and Neighbors Food Bags for Mercado Food Bank
    12:40pm-1:00pm- Auditorium for Praise & Worship
    1:00pm-2:45pm-Elementary Lunchroom for Project

Students report to Auditorium for Service Project Orientation and departure for Outbound Trips at 7:30am
The following are the organizations & individuals 7th and 8th grade will be serving:

  • Keep Growing Detroit
  • Bottomless Toy Chest, Troy
  • Detroit Rescue Mission, Dignity House
  • Food Gatherers, Ann Arbor
  • The McHugh Residence/Farm
  • Calvary Baptist Church Senior Citizens
  • Plymouth Township Park
  • PCA

We are praising the Lord for a good weather forecast tomorrow for the outdoor projects. Due to the nature of the work, we ask that all students please wear jeans (old ones that you don’t mind getting dirty!) and your SHINE shirt. Student serving Calvary Baptist Church Seniors and Plymouth Township Park are asked to bring a leaf rake if possible. Thank you so much!

Any questions? Please contact Peggy Paulson at Thank you!