The Secondary Concert Band was able to perform at the Michigan School Band & Orchestra Association’s Band & Orchestra Festival at Woodhaven High School yesterday. The MSBOA District Band and Orchestra Festival is an opportunity for ensembles from MSBOA member schools to perform a program of three pieces for adjudication. District-level festivals are held throughout the state’s 16 districts from mid-February through mid-March. Each performing ensemble is evaluated by three performance adjudicators and one sight-reading adjudicator. Each performing group is rated on a scale from “1” to “5” with “1” being the highest rating possible. The overall score is computed using a formula which combines the ratings of each judge. The PCA Secondary Concert Band was able to that earn a rating of a high “2”, with a “1” in sight-reading, and receive a certificate, a plaque for display, and medals for each student.

Our 2016-17 Concert Band includes:

    Askew, Hannah
    Askew, Noah
    Bilko, Christina
    Bilko, Christopher
    Brown, Gloria
    Cameron, Caleb
    Chubb, Nolan
    Coon, Kaden
    DeVries, Caleb
    Ellinger, Jackson
    Fischer, Evan
    Gehringer, Christopher
    Gibson, Broderick
    Gibson, MacArthur
    Harris, Logan
    Loiselle, Evan
    Manning, Elizabeth
    Maxwell, Mitchell
    Moore, Eric
    Morby, Dillon
    Potrykus, Devin
    Rose, Jordan
    Ross, Jenae
    Schils, Hayden
    Schmucker, Brendan
    Vuletich, Isaac
    Waller, Lorenzo

Congratulations on a job well done!